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Affordable Pet Care

Give your pets healthy and safe life. Cavan Vets offers a team of specialist and qualified Vet Surgeon for your pets in Walsall, Cannock, Willenhall and Wolverhampton area.

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Includes Vaccination, Worming & Fleaing Only £29.95

Micro Chipping


Only £10.50

Neutering For Dogs


Male £78.00 Inclusive
Female £92.00 Inclusive

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Welcome To Cavan Vets

Specialist, Qualified Vet Surgeon in Walsall & Cannock

If your family includes pets, we are the vet in the Wolverhampton area that owners trust for all their veterinary services.

Our vets services cover the medical and routine needs of dogs, cats and smaller pets making us the most popular and trusted vets in Willenhall. From routine vaccinations to diagnosis and treatment of disease our team bring the expertise and care your pet needs throughout its life.

Working for many years in the local community we have also become popular in areas like Cannock and beyond because our clients have learned that their pets will receive excellent care that is fairly priced.

We always try and treat our clients pets as we would our own and we understand the impact of an unwell pet.

For A Healthy Pet

For your pet to lead a long and hopefully disease free life, routine health checks, normally carried out with vaccinations, are essential. We can often pick up undetected conditions early as well as providing routine worm and flea control, and of course vaccination has prevented killer diseases in countless dogs, cats and rabbits, saving many thousands of pets lives each year in the region.

We are the leading vets surgeon in the Walsall, Wolverhampton and Cannock area and we believe this reflects both on the quality of our service as well as how it is priced.

Responsive care from a local vets in Wolverhampton

If your pet is exhibiting any signs that concern you, give us a call. Our reception staff will give you advice if they can and will make you an appointment if necessary.

Many conditions, even in older pets, turn out to be simple to diagnose and treat.

In cases of more complex illnesses, we attempt to reach a diagnosis quickly, giving you realistic prospects, diagnostic and treatment costs and recovery times. We strive to be as open with our clients as possible regarding our services and what we can achieve.

So whether you’re in the Walsall or Wolverhampton region or in Cannock or Sandwell where many of our clients live, we have convenient long opening hours during Mondays-Fridays as well as Saturday mornings.

For Emergency Vet Care, call us on: 01902 603 050.

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