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Pet Care Services

If you need a vets in Wolverhampton, we are recommended for pet care at all levels.

Routine Care And Treatment

We encourage all our customers to carry out a regular health plan for their pets, which includes keeping up to date with any vaccinations, as well as worming, and flea treatment. Routine checks will pick up on any dietary issues or small problems such as ear or eye infections, or skin conditions.

Preventative measures are the best way of ensuring your pet enjoys good health, year after year.


As a pet owner you run the risk of being responsible for significant vets bills, should the worst happen. Insurance will give you peace of mind and ensure the best care is always available to a much loved pet.
Reproductive management

For cats and dogs, ensuring unwanted litters is an easy and routine operation that reduces the chance of unwanted animals. Neutering is recommended for male and female cats and dogs, with important benefits in behaviour for male animals too.

If you are interested in breeding from your pet, we can offer advice in managing this process, including the potential pitfalls.

Pets Passports

For full information about obtaining a passport for your pet, make sure you speak to us directly. There are several considerations, including the type of animal and the country of destination. Remember, you will need a passport in order to take a pet abroad.

Passports need to be issued by a government approved vet; your pet must have had a rabies vaccination and blood test, and be micro-chipped.

As an established and trusted vets for Wolverhampton, we understand the stress that an ill or unhappy pet can have. We work hard to deliver the best care for your animals, in a calm, friendly environment that can help alleviate anxiety for our customers.