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Prevent Serious Illness With Vaccinations

Ensuring your kitten has been properly vaccinated is the best step you can take towards ensuring its health and wellbeing.

If you are looking for a vet in Walsall to protect your can against Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis and Panleucopaenia, Cavan Vets provide a team of experienced professionals who can provide good advice to any new cat owner, as well as carry out these routine shots.

In addition to the protection against cat flu and severe vomiting and diarrhoea given by the vaccinations above, it is recommended that ‘outdoor’ cats have a further shot against Leukaemia, which is commonly spread by fighting.

Insure Against Unexpected Vets Bills

As much as we can do to prevent illness in your cat or kitten, severe illness or injury can, unfortunately occur, and by having adequate pet insurance, you can avoid dealing with worry about mounting fees too. That’s why we recommend pet insurance for any cat owner.

Helpful Impartial Advice

At Cavan the wellbeing of your pet is a priority and that’s why we offer information and advice to all cat or kitten owners, to help our customers keep their pets well. From dealing with common health problems, to guidance on breeding, spading and behavioural issues, we can draw on our wealth of experience and expertise, to assist you make the best decisions for your animal.


Urgent And Emergency Care

Our services are here for any medical need, from the minor ailment or infection, to major breaks, internal trauma or injuries sustained in a traffic accident.
If your cat appears to be having trouble breathing, has been hit by a car, has a badly infected wound, or if you suspect it has ingested poison, make sure you seek emergency medical care.
We are here when cat owners need the vets in Willenhall and beyond, providing all levels of treatment and information to ensure the health and long-life of your cat.